PAPPAS POST | Polychronis teaser and "Black and Blue" Lyric Video Premiere


For the first time in his career, California-based and Grammy-nominated artist Paul Psarras is releasing a Greek-language album — featuring songs recorded with top musicians from Greece.

“Polychronis” will release on Friday, June 21, and will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon Music.

Psarras has offered Pappas Post readers an exclusive video preview of the album (see below).

The album also features Psarras’ debut English-language track “Black and Blue,” with a corresponding lyric video (see below).

In recording his album at Odeon Studios in Athens, Psarras collaborated with renowned producer Nikos Zervas, as well as many acclaimed musicians from Greece, such as soloist Manolis Karantinis.

Psarras was thrust into music and dance at an early age. Whether playing traditional Greek music with his twin brother or listening to family favorites such as Elvis, The Beatles or The Beach Boys, Psarras’ musical palette draws from a broad range of influences. 

The California native began playing keyboard and guitar before the age of 6. He later took up the saxophone, oud, tzoura, saz and eventually classical guitar.

Psarras received two performance degrees from The San Francisco Conservatory. While at the Conservatory, he also collaborated with various world-renowned artists.

His long list of concert appearances and performances include some of the biggest names in Greek pop music, including Glykeria and Elena Paparizou, in esteemed venues — from New York City’s Carnegie Hall to the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles. 

He also recently received sponsorship from D’Addario Strings, the world’s leading manufacturer of fretted strings for electric, acoustic and classical guitar.

Psarras credits his teachers throughout school as “indelible influences” in teaching him about the artistic integrity he embodies today.  

Video Preview of “Polychronis” Album

Official Lyric Video for “Black and Blue”

Paul Psarras